About Me!

Smart. Modern. Woman. We all want these to be the words used to describe us, obviously not exclusively, but in one way or another I believe all women want to be recognized for their intelligence, their ability to succeed in the modern world with all its pressures (and trust me, every woman can), and our feminity. These are the women for whom I write.


This is my third adventure into the realm of blogging. Hopefully it will be more successful than my first, which consists of sporadic ramblings, and more frequently updated than my second – a professional graphic design blog attached to my portfolio site (stefaniwilkens.com). Yes that was a shameless plug, but whatever. THIS blog will cover everything a modern woman needs to know – party planning, travel inspiration, recipes, fitness tips, interview skills, etc. I will also occasionally feature guest posts on topics YOU have shown interest in. I hope you will enjoy, and please bear with me as a figure out all the specific details…

Now for some background information. I’m a student at Auburn University, WAR EAGLE!, studying Graphic Design. I am about to begin my senior thesis project and enter the real world. I will be providing all of my advice and insight from this point of view, so realize I don’t entirely know what I’m talking about and am just making it up as I go along most of the time. But you’re welcome to join me as I figure out life 🙂

I hope you do…


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