You Party Animal

It still amazes my how many people my age have no clue how to behave at parties. They’ll show up uninvited, not show up at all, get so drunk that they get sick all over the floor, or completely embarrass the hosts. I have many friends who have stopped hosting all together because they’re tired of dealing with all the undignified behavior. This is unfortunate, because parties are a blast.

In order to promote more celebrations and festivities, today’s post will consist of a guide to appropriate party behavior. The Smart Modern Woman is dignified above all else, and she should know how to behave at the party. (That way she’ll get invited to more!)

  • RSVP. You should always tell the host that you will be attending, even if it’s a causal college party. That way they’ll know to expect you and can stop worrying about whether or not anybody will show up. On the other hand, they won’t be waiting around for you all night if you decline the invitation – this is especially important if the party is being thrown by someone you’re romantically interested in. Also, if you say you’re going, you better show up.
    ***IF YOU DON’T RECEIVE AN INVITATION, DON’T SHOW UP OR INVITE YOURSELF*** If someone other than the host invites you, check with the host that it’s okay for you to attend.
  • Arrive Fashionably Late. Plan on arriving between 10 and 20 minutes of the event’s start time. If it’s a college party you can arrive up to an hour after, but be earlier if you’re close friends with the host. Never ever arrive early, sit in your car if you have to but don’t you dare interrupt the host’s preparations. If you’re running late text or call the host to let them know you’re still coming.
  • Bring Something. The host probably spent a good bit on the party so bring them a gift that you know they will genuinely enjoy as a thank you. If it’s a college party it’s always a good idea to bring your own liquor/beer and mixers. If you don’t know what to bring, call the host before the start of the party and ask if they need anything specific for the party.
  • Circle the Room. Make sure you take the time to talk to everyone. Introduce yourself to people you don’t know and participate in conversation and activities. Your job as a guest is to help the host make sure the party runs smoothly; so if you see someone standing alone, say hi. You don’t have to get into anything lengthy, just talk about how they know the hosts, any upcoming local events, etc. once you’ve gotten the group into a longer conversation keep moving around the room. Once you’ve spoken to everyone, feel free to join the most interesting conversation going on, and enjoy it.
  • Drink responsibly. It’s perfectly fine to indulge, just make sure you’re in control. You don’t want to embarrass yourself, annoy other guests, or anger the host. If you think you’ve had a bit too much, apologize to the host and find a safe way to leave gracefully and quickly.
  • Make A Graceful Exit. If the party has a stated end time, leave within 15 minutes of it. Otherwise, leave when things seem to be winding down or when the host stops engaging with the party. Always thank the host and ask if you can do anything to help clean up before you leave. Don’t forget to offer a ride to anyone who may have had too much to drink. Do not drive if you’ve been drinking.

With these tips and tricks you are sure to be welcome at every party your friends throw. So go out and enjoy their company!


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