Emma Watson

Emma Watson has been an idol of ours since she first appeared as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Not only did she inspire girls everywhere to embrace their intelligence, but she also portrayed a strong female character who was every bit (and often times more) capable than her male counterparts. But Emma’s influence extends far past the big screen. She is the face of the UN’s campaign He For She which promotes women’s rights all over the world. She is an active feminist, and one of the most intelligent actresses in Hollywood today – she got top marks in her A-levels people! Oh, and did we mention she’s GORGEOUS! Emma Watson is clearly the epitome of a Smart Modern Woman.

Here’s a few things that we think every woman can learn from Emma Watson:

  • Stand up for what you believe in, with compassion. Emma is not only a UN Ambassador promoting women’s rights, but she is also the face of other humanitarian causes. Our favorite part about her activism is that she never bashes anyone. Instead she points out logically why someone is wrong, and how the can fix their behavior. That type of courtesy is essential if you want to be taken seriously and enact real change.
  • Be multifaceted. Emma isn’t just an actress, or just a humanitarian. Instead she’s an actress, humanitarian, feminist, scholar, artist, friend, daughter, and a whole bunch of other things. Embrace what you’re passionate about and never let anyone tell you that you have to fit a specific stereotype.
  • Don’t get a big head. You won’t find her on the cover of a tabloid for some public disaster. You’re more likely to see her highlighted in the media for random acts of kindness and compassion. She has a lot of non-famous friends and hasn’t let her superstardom go to her head.
  • Read. A good chunk of her twitter is dedicated to books she loves. Every woman should read, take it from us.
  • Don’t take life seriously. Emma’s not afraid to laugh or make fun of herself. Just look at her performance in This Is The End and The Bling Ring.
  • Take risks. She isn’t afraid to take risks in fashion, roles, or her interviews…but these risks are always calculated and in god taste.

Overall, Emma Watson is a great role model and we should all be inspired by her general awesomeness.


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