A Gift For The Bride & Groom

Ah weddings! They’re a ton of fun, and a wonderful part of life. However, how do you handle selecting a gift? With so many registry items being expensive (electronics or fine china), too personal (bedding), or kind of boring (coasters) it can be difficult to decide what to actually give the bride and groom to celebrate – and not giving a gift is not an option.

Here’s our guide on selecting and sending your gift to the happy couple:

  • The registry is a guide, you’re allowed to buy something that’s not on the list – especially if you know the couple well – but if you don’t have a clue what to buy, then stick to the list.
  • Stick to home items. The bride and groom will be starting a new life (and often a new home) together, and will probably want to redecorate. Plus, it’s a nice tradition.
  • Plan on spending at least $50. This isn’t a hard and fast rule (especially if you’re still in college and on a tight budget) but if you spend less that $50 you should be getting something from their registry. Otherwise, honestly you’re just being cheap.
  • If you can’t afford $50, or anything on the registry, give a group gift. Get some of your friends together and all pitch in to give the couple one of the more expensive gifts on their list.
  • Buy the gift within 2 months of the wedding. The old one-year rule no longer applies. Get the gift within 2 months so the bride can get her Thank Yous done and start enjoying married life.
  • Ship the gift to the couple’s home. Don’t bring it to the wedding – the couple will have too much going on to worry about gifts. Be sure to include a note with your gift 🙂
  • Try to avoid giving cash. You were invited because the couple values spending time with you, show that you value them back by buying them something.
  • If you don’t know the couple’s tastes, go classic not quirky, it’s a safe move.
  • If you’re in the wedding, plan ahead. Your gift can be small/inexpensive, but should be thoughtful. Try a book of poems, or a scrapbook of the couple. Make it personal and unique and it won’t matter how much it costs.
  • Write a beautiful card/note, especially if you’re buying from the registry.

Got any more questions about gift-giving? Post them in the comments and we’ll answer them ASAP.


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