Jewelry is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Everyone has their own taste and style when it comes to jewels, but there are certain essentials that no woman should be without.

We’ll get right to it, here’s the list:

  • a complete pearl set – ring, bracelet, necklace, drop necklace and studs
  • a CZ/Diamond set – tennis bracelet, drop necklace, and stud earrings
  • a gold watch
  • a silver watch
  • a leather-banded watch
  • silver and gold ball studs
  • small gold hoops
  • a favorite cocktail ring – every woman needs something fancy
  • silver and gold lockets or drop necklaces
  • simple gold and silver rings
  • silver cuff
  • gold stackable bangles

That should about do it. With all of these be sure you get the right size (rings), length (necklaces), and quality material (sterling, real gold, and real pearls).

Above all, remember: you want your jewelry to accent you, not distract from you.


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