Taming the Chaos

All women know how busy life can get. Between work, family obligations, exercise, hobbies, and a social life we can all be stretched a bit thin. Things can get really stressful really fast if you’re not organized.

The first step in taming the chaos is to choose your tools. For me those consist of three things: a planner, a bound to-do list, and my iPhone calendar.

The Planner

You want something with enough space to record everything you have to accomplish every day. The you get to cross everything out as it gets done.

The To-Do List

Here I take all the items from my planner and list them out in the order I want to accomplish them. Then once again, I get to cross everything off by the end of the day. If I don’t get to something, I add it to the next day’s list – no biggie.

The IPhone

Here I’ll enter everywhere I need to be, for the specific times I need to be there. I have separate colors for each category of event, including: family, work, appointments, blogging, friends, and misc. I’ll set reminders for when I need to leave place A to arrive at place B on time. That way I’m always on time.

Now that you have the what and how, here are our product recommendations. These are products we actually purchased and used (AKA we didn’t receive anything for these endorsements.)

Sugar Paper
Image courtesy of Sugar Paper.

Image courtesy of Sugar Paper.

Kate Spade New York

Image courtesy of Kate Spade.

Lilly Pulitzer
Image courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer.

Image courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer.

Image c

Image courtesy of Moleskine.


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