Ace The Interview

Job interviews are stressful enough without worrying about what to wear. Appearances are first impressions, they’re worth gold. So today here’s your guide to the most common interview attire – business professional. (Well get to other attire eventually, I promise.)

My rule of thumb is that for every interview you want to look intelligent, organized, and confident. Now how do you do that? Let’s start with the basics.

What to wear

– A suit in a neutral color: black, grey, navy, or taupe. Make sure that you buy the skirt/pants and jacket TOGETHER to ensure they match perfectly.

– A blouse or button-up in a quality fabric. Stick with a solid color (bold colors are appropriate for creatives, otherwise stick with a neutral that compliments your suit). Subtle patterns are acceptable, but don’t choose anything too bold or feminine. Anything floral or lace may come off as unprofessional – it’s unfortunate but true. You want to be respected, not diminished.

– Black or nude closed toe pumps with a slight heel but no taller than 2 inches. If it’s cold out add tights. You want to look polished, not like you’re going clubbing.

– Optional, a formal coat. I personally recommend a tailored trench or overcoat in a neutral color.

– Keep accessories minimal. Pearls are always great for a necklace. Stick with stud earrings, and simple bracelets. If you’re a creative feel free to wear a statement piece, just make sure it isn’t overpowering.

It’s all in the details

Here are some basic rules of thumb to follow when selecting what to wear.

– Fit Is Everything! Even the most expensive suit will make you look cheap if it’s too tight or too baggy, be sure the suit fits properly and visit a tailor if you can’t find something off the rack.
– Quality is an investment, and it makes a difference.
You only need one suit that you can wear to all your interviews. Save up and invest in a quality fabric, you can find inexpensive but quality options in many stores. Our recommendations include Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and Gap. You can occasionally find things at Target too if you’re really in a bind.
– Look for pieces you can use in other outfits.
Blouses can be worn with slacks, and even jeans, blazers dress up any casual outfit, and pencil skirts are always in style.

Got any questions or suggestions? What’s your favorite interview outfit? Let us know in the comments!


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