The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is quite possibly the most important thing we do in our daily lives. It revitalizes us, lets us heal, improves our mood, and helps us think clearly. Without sleep there is no way we can get through life. Basically, sleep should be your number 1 priority.

Doctors recommend that we get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. However, each person has their own unique needs when it comes to sleep. Our recommendation is that you figure out what’s right for your body. Sleep when you’re tired and wake up without an alarm. It may be helpful to get into this pattern while you’re on a vacation or don’t have to be anywhere in the morning. At first you’ll probably sleep in a good bit, especially if you’re currently not getting enough sleep. However after a few days you should start figuring out a normal number of hours you need, and can adjust your schedule accordingly.

Start getting enough sleep, you’ll notice everything in your life improves.


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