THE Smart Modern Woman

As we were overhauling Smart Modern Woman a question we often asked ourself was “Who is the ideal Smart Modern Woman?” We wanted the site to reflect who this woman was: her interests, passions, and daily routines.

Today I thought I’d share with you a brief(ish) overview of the type of person we consider to be a Smart Modern Woman:

  • She is intelligent. She enjoys learning, and is constantly looking for new ways to improve her mind and expand her knowledge.
  • She is unfazable. Even in the most surprising and complicated of situations she knows how to remain calm, gracious, and make intelligent decisions.
  • She values quality over quantity. You won’t find her keeping up with the Jones’s, but she may be rocking a fabulous designer bag.
  • She is multifaceted. She doesn’t fit into any stereotype, and wants to stand out from the crown for who she is.
  • She enjoys people who are different from her. You may find her traveling the world, volunteering, or just making friends around her hometown. She likes the variety and spontaneity that diversity – of opinions, life experiences, and interests – brings to her life.
  • She refuses to let other people define her. She is authentic above all else and has no problem going against the crowd or expressing her opinions.
  • She doesn’t let other people drag her down, but she knows how to listen when a friend needs to vent or asks for advice.
  • She expects a lot from herself, but realizes the nobody (including herself) is perfect.
  • She has a keen sense of reality. She knows that appearances matter, the ability to get along with people is invaluable, and that life is more enjoyable when you have people you care about to share it with.
  • She is always prepared. You’ll never see her underdressed for an interview, late for a meeting, or without a hostess gift.
  • She knows how to behave. You won’t find her dancing on tables or texting on a dat. You will however find her having a great time wherever she is, while focusing on making sure everyone around her is at ease.
  • Above all, she is kind. She genuinely cares about others and realizes that kindness can open more doors and do more good than anything else.

Our goal is to help you be this type of woman, and to enjoy the process.


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