Feeling Beautiful

It doesn’t matter what you wear, how you do your makeup, or what you weight – if you don’t think you’re beautiful, you won’t feel beautiful. Being comfortable in your own skin can be challenging. Trust me, after years of battling eating disorders and dissatisfaction with my appearance I have come to realize that learning to feel beautiful on the inside is the most important part of loving yourself. I spend a lot of time on this blog discussing outer beauty, but today I think it’s important to address inner beauty.

How can we discover our inner beauty?

This has been this most challenging question of my life. There are some days when it is still impossible, however I have developed some ways to help me when I start to get down on myself about my appearance (or anything about myself).

  • Get My Appearance Pulled Together: Yes, this is about inner beauty. But in the same way that inner beauty reflects outwardly, outer beauty can help you feel better inside. It’s amazing what freshly washed hair and a bit of lipstick can do for you. I always find I look on myself more positively when I’m clean and put together. That way I can look in the mirror and say to myself, “I may not be a size 2 but damn my hair looks fabulous.” Pampering yourself is totally worth it.
  • Find Beauty Around Me: Everyone sees the world through different eyes. Sit down and ask yourself what around you is beautiful? It could be the way the sun is shining through the window, or the photo on your desk. Taking time to notice small moments of beauty can do wonders when it comes to your inner happiness.
  • Realize that Nobody Is Perfect: You’re probably trying to hide something from the world. Realize that everyone is doing the same thing. We all have imperfections, they make us unique and uniqueness is always beautiful.
  • Get Outside of Yourself: Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Preferably someone who is worse off. Now look at yourself objectively. What makes you beautiful? What makes you valuable? Write a list if you need to, just don’t forget that you are beautiful because you are alive.

It’s easy to be pretty, it’s hard to be beautiful inside and out. That’s okay. Realizing that you’re beautiful to others is the first step to feeling beautiful yourself. And trust me, you are beautiful!

What are some things you do to feel beautiful? Share them in the comments and help someone out!


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