So if you haven’t gathered from the content of this blog, I have a lot of interests. In fact, one of my biggest fears is becoming too one-dimensional. We all know those people who can only talk about one thing because it’s all they know or do. Those people drive me nuts. I hope I never fall into the trap of becoming too comfortable in my area of expertise.

So how do I keep myself “in the know” outside of my field. Honestly, I watch TED talks. I watch them every day. As I’m putting on my makeup for the day I play a talk on my phone. I love it. I have learned stuff about biology, theology, art, urban planning, economics – I could go on and on. They have a talk about everything. I highly recommend that you all incorporate some sort of learning that is unrelated to your work into your daily life. You’ll be so much more interesting.

So, go ahead, check out TED.


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