Nailed It!

I’ll admit it, I have a slight addiction to nail polish. And by slight, I mean full blown. I think there have been a total of two weeks that I have had unpainted nails since I was 14-years-old, and even then I had them meticulously shaped and buffed to perfection. Now, I am not a manicure advocate – do it yourself, with practice and the right products it’s easy to learn. Also, I’ll admit to having worn neon green and nail art while in high school and college. But now that I’m a grown woman it’s time to think a little more timeless and classic when it comes to my color choice. (This applies to fingernails only – my toes are currently robins egg blue with little flowers adorning them, and it’s adorable.)

So, I present the colors every smart modern woman should have in her nail arsenal.

  • Subtle Nude: There’s a reason why in movies the skanky “white trash” character always wears fake nails. French manicures are obviously fake and trashy. You look like you’re trying too hard. It’s far more appropriate to wear just a translucent nude (just skip the white tips), and you’ll look effortlessly polished.

    My Recommendations –
    Essie Ballet Slippers, OPI Pinking of You, OPI Isn’t It Romantic?

  • Firey Red: Just because you’re polished (enjoy the pun) doesn’t mean you can’t let loose. Red is a classic, and the best red is worth spending money on. It should go with your skin tone, much like red lipstick, so find a shade that’s perfect for you and stock up.

    OPI Red Hot Ayers Rock, Revlon Cherries in the Snow

  • A deep red: There are times when we want to be a little bit vampy and femme fatale. That’s perfectly wonderful, and a deep red will do the job without looking too black and emo. If red isn’t your thing go for a deep bronze instead.

    OPI Royal Raja Ruby, OPI My Private Jet

  • A Classic but Trendy: Whether it’s your school colors, or a dark camel color there is always room to be on trend without overdoing the look. I personally love to rock some opaque corals and oranges in the summer and I see mauve as my upcoming fall/winter color. My advice is to avoid anything with glitter or shimmer of any kind. Stick with flat colors in high shine or matte finishes (please no crackle polish)!

    Essie Tart Deco, Essie Cute as A Button, OPI Mod About You, OPI Belize It Or Not, China Glaze Hell-Yum, Essie Angora Cardi, OPI You Don’t Know Jaques!

  • Flirty Pink: A pop of pink is essential for casual days out. Whether bright or deep, pink is perfect for when you want to lighten up and have a good time

    Essie A Crewed Interest, OPI Pink Flamenco

  • Base Coat: These are essential for nail health. Please don’t go without!

    OPI, Butter London, Essie

  • Top Coat: Do you want your manicure to last more than a few hours? Add a top coat.

    OPI, Butter London, Poshe 

So there you have it. Stock up on these essentials and then have fun with crazy colors for your toes!

What’s your favorite nail trend? Let me know in the comments!


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