The Basics of Accessorizing

You already know that every woman should have a closet full of wearable basics. But what about accessories? Accessories can make an outfit. They can elevate something form boring to chic in 10 seconds. They are essential, and every woman should know the basics. There are a few pieces that I believe every woman should have in her jewelry armoire (because yes, you’ll probably end up buying a ton of trendy accessories too so you might as well have a place to store everything).

  • Pearls: Call me old fashioned but everyone should have a full set of pearls. I’m talking studs earrings, necklace, drop necklace, bracelet and ring. If you can I suggest buying them all together from the same jeweler so that they match. You won’t wear all of them at once – ever – that’d be overkill; but I promise you will wear them all, and often.
  • Diamond (or CZ) Studs: You should have a pair of small, clear diamond studs. They go with everything! If you have pierced ears you should always wear earrings, except when you’re at the gym, Walking around with unadorned piercings is a no no – unless you have multiples, then use restraint – PLEASE! You should have earrings in your ears at all times ladies.
  • A Classic Watch: You want a simple face with a leather band. Black and brown are my suggestions. It should be in a style that is classic and professional. Don’t be afraid to check out men’s watches too!
  • A Scarf: Choose a neutral, solid color and be sure it’s long enough to tie in you favorite knots. There’s a reason French women love their scarves, they add instant elegance to even the most basic of outfits.
  • Sunnies: Go ahead an invest in a brand name pair of sunglasses. Black and tortoise shell are my suggestions for colors as they go with everything, but I also have a hot pink pair that I wear almost every day. Make sure that the lens shape flatters your face. Sunglasses are an absolute must! They protect you from sunburn and vision loss, and you can wear them with your earrings and a red lip and look perfectly done up – even if you’re spinning from a hangover, have puffy eyes from crying, or dark circles from getting no sleep. Sunglasses are the best makeup a girl will ever buy.

Obviously you’ll end up with much more jewelry, scarves, and accessories than these. (I haven’t even begun to mention bags.) However, these basics can take you from the grocery store to a white tie gala. They’re essentials! So, go shopping, you now have a good excuse 😉


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