Tres Chic

Everyone knows that French women are thought to be the most beautiful, alluring, stylish women around. I myself have been fascinated with the mystique of the French since I was very young. My mother’s side of the family is French and I’ve come to realize that a lot of what my mom passed down to me has its roots in French traditions. Now, I may have the blonde hair and blue eyes of Marie Antoinette (who was actually Austrian but whatever), and the grace of a ballerina, but when it comes to beauty and allure I’ll admit I still have a lot to learn. I have developed quite a fascination with the French Woman recently, and it has led to a good deal of research, admiration, and learning. Today I’d like to share what I think is the secret to French attraction – makeup wise.

Frenchwomen have a way of looking fresh, youthful, and effortless with regard to their makeup. They can at once look natural and innocent, and at the same time be willful and sensual. They favor a light touch with makeup – they accentuate their natural beauty and embrace their uniqueness. They almost always look natural, and yet they change up their look day to day.

I’ve found that the key to French makeup is having good skin. They dedicate enormous amounts of time and money to skincare. They ensure that their skin looks radiant, youthful, and immaculate. You’ll rarely see a frenchwoman with botox or anything fake about her. They are all about natural – from the oils they use on their face to the masks they whip up in the kitchen. They enjoy their beauty – and you can tell.

Some tips I have for the French chic makeup look are:

  • skincare comes first – makeup will only look as good as the skin you put it on
  • less is more, everyday makeup should look like you’re not wearing anything at all, only play up one feature in evenings
  • red lipstick can make your smile radiant
  • lip stain looks extremely natural and like you’ve just been kissed
  • cat eyes are the best accessory (don’t use anything other than liquid or gel liner, AKA don’t smoke it out)
  • finding the right colors for you is essential
  • natural is better, nothing fake!
  • mascara is your best friend
  • blend, blend, blend! you can wear any amount of color you want so long as you blend it enough

I’ve attached some photos of what I view as French beauty for your inspiration. Now go enjoy doing your makeup – the real secret to French allure is that the French woman loves herself and accepts herself as she is. Nothing is more attractive than that.

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