The Art of Thanks

It astonishes me how many people don’t write thank you notes. A handwritten thank you can mean the world. It can get you the job you want, or let your grandmother know you care. Thank you notes are more than just common curtesy, they’re a necessity. Every woman needs to know how to write a proper thank you note. Here is the format that has been most successful for me:

Dear Whoever,

Thank you so much for (insert whatever you’re tankful for here). In this sentence describe how receiving whatever it was made you feel, for example: I absolutely adore the necklace you gave me. OR I am sincerely appreciative of you taking the time to meet me. Next you write something about what you learned or what you plan to do with whatever you received. Finally, conclude with something about how thankful you are and how much you appreciate the person you’re writing to.

Sincerely/Love/Thanks again!/Gratefully,

Your Name

Obviously you can and should play with this format. These are guidelines. As with conversation, you need to focus on the person you’re corresponding with. Say something meaningful, and above all be genuine. Even if you hate the gift your Great Aunt Sally gave you for Christmas, you still love her – so express that. If you want to be a classy, well mannered woman you will use thank you notes (handwritten ones!) and use them frequently. They are so easy, and mean so much. Plus you can buy new stationery. So decide that today you’ll write a thank you note to someone, anyone who you’re grateful for.


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