Go Team!

Football season is right around the corner. Since I go to an SEC school – where we dress up for gameday as if we were going to church – I absolutely HAD to dedicate a post to gameday fashion. If you aren’t farmiliar with southern college football, what you wear is just as important as who you attend the game with (gameday dates are a HUGE deal here). Here are some of my favorite gameday looks from around the web, for your gameday inspiration. Don’t forget to accessorize with a shaker and your sorority button! It’ll be totes presh. (Yes, I’m a sorority girl. Sorry I’m not sorry. Deal with it. Okay I’ll shut up now…)

-5a0161571422a562 1 2 3 4 9b1362569ebe182140fba1eee106486a 11fa2fc1eca74ebdd0ea29d3da34b69a 1277d64d75c5d2f973f5de2226bf8608 510585d1419024c2c8d9822225ede1aa SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA c4b479baabb3fbac06f82c85737d279b d823dcd31ad12ab5bacc0cefa95efab0 gameday1 Ole-Miss-Trio pennington-bailes-l


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