Back to Class

August is a time of new beginnings. Summer is winding down, people are going back to school, we’re all getting back into the routine that is daily life. One of the most challenging things can be fitting a workout into your regular schedule. Now, I’m still in college and I’ll be giving this week’s advice based on my own experiences, but I think that the basic principles I’ll be discussing can and do apply to the lives of women of any age.

Over the summer it’s really easy, and okay, to slip out of your normal workout routine. August is the chance to get back to the grind and improve your strength, endurance, and appearance. If your college is like mine you have a Rec Center that offers a bazillion machines, sport courts, running tracks, and classes. If you’re like me so many options can become overwhelming. So, without further ado, I present my guide to navigating the world of fitness from a collegiate perspective.

So, you’re jumping back into the college life, juggling classes, organizations, social activities and homework like a pro. The most difficult thing to fit into your schedule can be a workout. After a day of class, work, and homework the very last thing I want to do is pull on my gym clothes and get on a treadmill. For me, machines are BORING, running just sucks (seriously, it’s awful, there’s no way around it), and I’ve never really played sports and don’t want to look like an idiot in front of the ridiculously attractive guys that haunt my school’s rec center. So what does that leave me? Well I can do a DVD at home like a hermit and annoy the girl who has the apartment below me, or I can sign up for a class.

Group fitness classes are by far my favorite way to work out. My school offers everything from yoga to kickboxing to kettlebells and even meditation. There is something for everyone. The problem is getting the motivation to actually show up.

If you can, find a friend who likes the same type of workouts as you. Make a plan before classes get into full swing as to what days you want to work out. That way you have a buddy who will be expecting you to show up.

Secondly, find your school’s class schedule and add the classes you want to take each week to your calendar/planner. Treat attendance as homework – mandatory. I try to go to the same classes every week so that I can meet people and form friendships, but if switching it up is your thing then go for it. Having a schedule is essential!

If your school allows it, sign up for classes in advance. You wouldn’t back out on a teacher would you? This is the same thing.

Finally, get some new workout clothes. My favorite places to find inexpensive, cute gym clothes are Old Navy (check out their summer sales), Gap (they have a sale in April that is KILLER), and Kohl’s. I like wearing neon colors to the gym because they get me excited and pumped up. Plus I love showing off how good I look in my yoga pants when I walk past those aforementioned attractive guys. Find clothes that fit well, are comfortable, and that you think look good on you. Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING will make you want to work out than knowing you look good doing it. But don’t put on makeup, it’s awful for your skin and makes you look too prissy for the gym – let your clothes do the talking, not your eyeliner.

So what are you waiting for? Go get some new norts, find a friend, make a schedule, show up, and enjoy yourself! Exercise should be fun you know?


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