I’m Melting

Living in the south, I often feel like the Wicked Witch of the West – stepping outside in the humidity makes my makeup melt off. That certainly won’t do! So, if you want to be one of this world’s Glenda’s, take a moment to learn about waterproof makeup. That way you’ll always look fresh faced, regardless of whether you’re swimming, enjoying a day at the beach, going for a run, battling a rain storm, or just walking out side in the sticky hot summer.

One easy way to keep makeup in place is to use waterproof products. I’ve accumulated a list of the best waterproof products available, and two makeup brands that have lines entirely dedicated to keeping your face in place.

Best Waterproof Products

Best Waterproof Lines

Finally there are a few products that can be used to make any makeup waterproof. Now, I’ve never used these, but my friends have and from their reviews these are the waterproof-ing products that actually work.

If you end up giving these a try, let me know your results. Also, if there are any other waterproof products you would recommend, please use the comments option to let me know!


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