Skincare, Splurge vs. Save

Last week we discussed makeup and what’s worth spending money on, and what you’re better off buying from the drugstore. Today we’ll be doing the same for skincare. There are so many options when it comes to skincare ranging from $3 makeup removing wipes to $800 night cream. Today I’ll walk you through some of my recommended products and discuss what’s really worth a decent chunk of change.


  • Sunscreen: You should be wearing sunscreen every day, but it shouldn’t break the bank. Find one you like at your local drugstore. As a general rule lotion formulas work better than sprays, but sprays are more convenient. (I use a spray every morning, and put a lotion on if I’m going to be outside for an extended period of time. I also ALWAYS use lotion on my face.)
    Recommendations: Neutrogena, Aveeno, and Coppertone
  • Daily Moisturizer: For your daytime moisturizer you really just need something basic. If you have super oily skin you could even skip a moisturizer all together. I personally like to rub a bit of almond oil into my face in the mornings because it moisturizes without making my makeup slide off my face. Definitely don’t break the bank on this one.
    Recommendations: Boots No. 7  and Olay
  • Cleanser (sometimes): If your skin is normal and doesn’t need any sort of treatment cleanser then you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a good one.
    Recommendations: Neutrogena and Yes To Cucumbers
  • Masks: If you find a mask you absolutely love, go ahead and buy a large container of it regardless of price. However, if you’re like me you want something that addresses different problems each week. So my advice is to buy the little single use packets (they normally can last two or three uses if you store them in a ziploc baggie).
    Recommendations: The Body Shop, Freeman’s, Queen Helene and Montagne Jeunesse


  • Cleanser (sometimes): If you suffer from acne, sensitivity, rosacea, or any other skin condition it’s worth it to find a cleanser that works, regardless of price. Definitely plan a visit to your dermatologist and get their recommendations for specific products. Clear, even skin is probably the single most attractive asset that all woman can possess, so it’s worth investing in.
    Recommendations: Philosophy, Murad, and Perricone MD
  • Serums: Serums are tricky to get right, and higher quality ingredients mean better results, and higher price tags. Definitely splurge on serums, you’ll see a difference.
    Recommendations: Ole Henrikson, SK-II, and Caudalie
  • Exfoliants: Your skin is a sensitive organ and many drug store exfoliants can be too harsh. I recommend splurging for a Clarisonic, you’ll definitely love it. And you can use it with your drugstore cleanser 🙂
  • Anti-aging Creams: If you’re upset enough about fine lines and wrinkles that you want to use anti-aging products (I personally think that you should embrace your age and find beauty in the wrinkles that show your life experience), then you want to invest in good ones that will actually make a difference.
    Recommendations: Lancome, Korres, and Givenchy
  • Eye Cream: Eye cream is one beauty product you MUST own, and you should get a good one. My mother has worn eye cream every day since she turned 12, and she is regularly mistaken to be 20 years younger than she is in reality. Make eye cream part of your routine, NEVER SKIP IT. It’s totally worth it, you want to be carded at 40 right?
    Recommendations: Orgins, Clinique, and Living Proof

There you have it, now go show off your beautiful skin and full bank account!


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