Sweet Dreams

Who says fashion has to stop when you get ready for bed? Today is all about pajamas, which are some of my favorite clothes. Think they’re a waste of money? What if I told you that people who wear pajamas (instead of an old oversized tee) sleep better, are happier, and perform better at work? Well, they do, just google it. So the next time you’re tempted by that girly nightgown or those flannel pants and top, buy them, you’re worth it!

When choosing pajamas you should consider fit, fabric, and feel. You want a loose fit so you’re not constricted and sweating all night. The fabric you choose should feel soft and luxurious, you’re expected to sleep after all. Finally, consider how the pjs make you feel. You should get excited about them, feel confident in them, and above all find them inexcusably beautiful.

Additionally, if you’re busty, look for tops with a built in (wireless) bra. That way you’ll stay supported all night, and you won’t end up saggy- not a good look.

So go ahead, go to your nearest lingerie or intimates shop and pick up something for yourself.


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