Free Personal Training

I find that there is nothing quite as effective as exercising with a personal trainer. Unfortunately, there’s nothing more expensive. For some people it’s totally worth it. You get customized exercises, scheduled routines, and someone to motivate you. However, for most of us personal training is not an option. Enter Nike Training Club, the app that essentially fills the roll of personal trainer. It lets you customize workouts, has a huge variety of workouts used by professional athletes, and even has an option to set up a program that caters to your goals and needs. You can set your difficulty level, type of exercise, and schedule. It’s perfect for those of us who get bored on a machine, or who don’t know where to begin when exercising without a trainer.

Not sure how effective this app is? Well, it’s used by models, athletes, and celebrities – people who probably have better bodies than you or me (if not, you probably should just keep doing what you’re doing, cuz it obviously works).

Why not try it yourself and see? I know I loved it.


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