Get Paid To Shop

Wouldn’t it be great if you got paid to shop. Well there’s an app for that (sort of). Ibotta is one of my favorite money-saving apps because it pays me for purchasing things I already buy.

How does it work?

Ibotta uses a rebate system where you fill out short surveys (we’re talking 3 questions) or share info on social media in order to earn a certain about of money (between $0.25 and $5). Then you scan your receipt and item barcodes and it sends the money you’ve earned to a paypal account. It’s not exactly getting paid to shop, but if you’d buy the item anyways why not get a few bucks back?

Now the best part of this app is the variety of items it offers rebates on. I’ve used it everywhere from the grocery to Nordstrom and have gotten at least a few dollars out of every use. The most I’ve ever made was $50.

They have offers in various shopping categories: grocery, health & beauty, restaurants, apparel, electronics, pets, children, etc. And they’re constantly adding new brands and offers. It’s really easy to use – I just go through the app as I’m unpacking my purchases – and you get your money within about 24 hours, sometimes less.

Want more specific information? Visit their website here, or download the app and see for yourself.


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