Fresh Lips

There are few things as powerful as lipstick. It can change your look, it can change your mood, I’m convinced it can change your life. Every woman needs an arsenal of kick-ass lipstick in order to be prepared for whatever occasion comes her way. Pink, red, burgundy, nude, wine, purple, mauve, plum, clear, fuchsia…I could go on all day. Lipstick is a necessity, and today I will share with you my favorites.

I am a rare bird in that I only use one brand of lipstick. That’s because I’m lucky enough to have found a brand where every color looks fabulous on me and the formula makes my lips feel WONDERFUL! Wondering which brand has my undivided attention? It’s Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I own every color, I wear one of those colors every day. I’m addicted, but it’s because I’m in love. I’ve found my lipstick lover and I couldn’t be happier.

Alright, all joking aside, this lip treatment is THE BEST. It comes in 11 different variations, 10 of which have SPF (one if for replenishing your lips at night). It includes every color from purple to orange. Here’s the breakdown:

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.19.41 PM

A pinkish nude, this is the perfect “better than natural” lip color.

This is an opaque nude, with a beautiful caramel/brown sugar color.

Like the orange lip trends you’ve seen this summer? Buy this shade. It’s perfect.

This is a brilliant sheer pink, perfect for those days when you want to look fun and fresh.

The perfect Barbie pink. It’s hot, it’s stylish, it’s girly, and it’s my favorite.

A sheer red, perfect when you want a statement lip that isn’t too unnatural.

This is your perfect statement red lip. Enough said.

A deeper opaque pinkish purple, this will give you the perfect mod lip.

Another sheer color, this one in a purply mauve tone. It complements every skin tone.

Treatment (Clear)
Want your lips to feel silky smooth and look beautiful. This balm does the trick. Its SPF is an added bonus. No cancer, no chapped lips? Sign me up!

Advanced Treatment
Ever felt like you wake up with chapped lips on a regular basis? This is the fix for you. I haven’t had chapped or flaky lips in 4 years, and I’m never going back.

So now you have the inside scoop on my favorite lip products. Now get to your nearest Sephora and try them yourself! STAT!


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