Go for a Dip

Summer is commonly known as swimsuit season. This can strike dread into even the most fashionable woman, as we all want to look gorgeous, sleek, and beautiful in our suits. Here are some of my favorite trends for this summers swimwear, because you should always look chic – even at the beach.

Neon – Normally, I say neons should be reserved for the gym. However, summer provides one exception to my rule simply because neon colors look so good on a tan body. Embrace bright colors this season whether in your swimwear or your cover up 🙂



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Florals– Floral swimsuits are flirty and fun and perfect for the ultra feminine beach-goer.

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Lace– Lace is one of my favorite swimwear trends. It’s perfect for suits and coverups and is especially flattering in white.

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White/Black– speaking of white lace, white itself is a great way to show off your newly acquired tan. Solid black is also great for accentuating your skin, plus it’s hot hot hot.

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Whatever you like– Swimwear is a great way to express yourself since it is not bound by traditional restrictions. You can be modest or revealing, bright or pastel, anything you want without it being inappropriate (although please, cover up the goods – unless its a nude beach, then to each her own.)

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Now go and enjoy your fun in the sun!

p.s. all of these images were found on Pinterest…for original source, use google image search 


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