Summer Break

Summer style used to mean running around in cutoffs and swimsuits, maxi dresses, and the occasional party dress. It meant camps, beach vacations, and pajama days. Now that we’re officially adults, summer doesn’t look too different from every other season. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a summer break from work. However, you can still bring a little happiness and sunshine into the office each summer.

Today I’ve pulled together some of my Pinterest finds for summer work fashion, and don’t forget that a fresh vase of flowers on your desk can easily add some summer cheer (year round!). We all should want to look our best at work, but often times we get into a rut of wearing the same blue/black/grey go to outfit. Summer is the perfect time to add some color and style, without sacrificing your professional polish. Here are some of my recommendations for spicing up your summer work wardrobes:



If your office is business casual, pair a chambray button up with a printed floral skirt and a cute belt for a sophisticated casual look. If you’re in a more professional environment, swap out the chambray for a silk blouse. Florals are a wonderful, and elegant way to add some style to your workwear.



Use pops of color! Summer is a great time to embrace your favorite colors – royal blue, fuchsia, orange, hot pink, yellows. Wear brights, pastels, and even jewel tones. My personal favorite is to pair brightly colored pants and skirts with white or cream blouses. It looks chic and elegant without being too avant-garde. If you’re hesitant to wear bright clothing, opt for accessories. A bright pair of shoes or a neon bracelet can liven up even the most stiff necked attire.



Feminine chic skirts. Not into color? Opt for feminine, flirty styles in neutral colors. Pair an a-line skirt with a simple short sleeved top for an elegant, parisian vibe. If this is too boring for you, spice it up with a metallic clutch and a new pair of oversized sunglasses to look like you just stepped out of a magazine.



The pencil skirt is possibly my favorite piece of clothing ever. It is feminine and elegant, but still powerful. Buy a variety of colors, pair with neutral tops, and match your accessories to the skirt for a sleek, polished, but still summery look.



White pants are not appropriate! Embrace this, love it, relish the ability to show off your summer tan (even if it’s fake). White pants are a great way to add some summer, also try a white power suit if you’re office believes in business professional attire – you’ll look feminine and polished while making people bow down in awe of your business prowess.



Looking for something more conservative? Spice up your everyday suit by adding chunky floral accessories and heeled sandals. Are sandals too much? Opt for a peep toe pump so you can show off that pedicure you got for that beach trip next weekend.



Pastels are a great option for both spring and summer workwear. My personal suggestion is to buy a variety of blazers in pastels (or brights) that you love and find flattering. Blazers are polished and professional, but can often seem too severe. A pop of color lessens the harshness of their structured look.



Coordinate your accessories. No outfit is complete without the appropriate shoes and jewelry. Put away the peals and diamond studs (unless that’s your thing – embrace who you are ladies!) and opt for more fun jewelry. My advice here is to not spend too much money. Styles change dramatically season to season so you probably won’t wear that giant geometric necklace next year. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the trend this season, just don’t spend more than $20 on it. Check out Target and Francesca’s collections for some good options at good prices.



Finally, don’t be afraid to express yourself through clothing this summer. Love leopard print – get a cellphone case or a pair of pumps in the pattern and show them off. Is lace your thing? Now’s the perfect time for a lacy top or pencil skirt. Enjoy the season and its fashion. Pretty soon you’ll be wrapped in a trench coat, so show off some sparkle while you can!


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