Budgets & Bills

A new month has begun, and with that comes our least favorite mail – bills. If you’re like me the first week of every month brings credit card statements, power bills, internet charges, and the spending of more money that you’d like. In the spirit of saving us all a little money to put towards things we actually like, here are some savings tips that you should incorporate into your routine this month, so that the first week in August is less painful.

  • Power Strips: Go to the store and buy a power strip for every outlet that you use. Every night before you go to sleep, turn off the power strips around your house to avoid paying for electricity you aren’t using.
  • Cable TV: Stop using it. Instead sign up for netflix and hulu plus. For less than a third of the cost of your current cable package you can get access to your favorite shows on demand. (I haven’t had cable for 3 years now and I haven’t missed it.)
  • Heat/AC: Turn it up/down when you’re gone. If you are at work or school for most of the day why are you paying to regulate the temperature of an empty house?
  • Water: Use cold water for your laundry (except for items like underwear and sheets), and wait until you have a full load to do the laundry. Consider taking cooler showers – it’s better for your skin and your wallet.
  • Memberships: Do you even use that gym membership? Would it be less expensive to buy your own workout equipment and set up a home gym? Do you really need that box subscription service? Cancel all your memberships and subscriptions that you don’t actually use.
  • Magazines: Did you know that most major magazines post articles online? That’s right, you can read the same content, and view the same images absolutely free. If you absolutely MUST have a print copy of Elle or Vogue, see if frequent flyer or credit card points can be used for your subscription – I currently get 7 free magazines a month.
  • Music: Just use Pandora or Songza or a similar app. I highly doubt you listen to any of that music you bought last year anyways.

These are just a few ideas that should be relatively easy for most people to integrate into their lives. Remember to always pay your credit card bill in full and that a good rule of thumb is that only 50% of your income should go towards food, bills, and necessities – and I’m sorry ladies but the latest Prada bag or a new Clarisonic are not necessities.


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