Loving Yourself

Wednesdays are all about wellness here at Smart Modern Woman, and today I’m going to discuss the very essence of being well – loving yourself. More than exercise, eating clean, meditation, massage treatment, or detoxing, self love leads to overall well being. In fact, I believe you can’t “be well” until you love yourself 100%, all the time. Have you ever felt off? Like something was generally interfering with your well being, but you couldn’t figure out exactly what it is. Eventually that feeling can become quite overbearing and can tinge your entire life, pushing you into deep depression if you let it. The solution, or cure if you will, is learning to love yourself.

Easier said than done.

I still haven’t figured out a way to love myself ALL the time. If someone has figured that out, please clue me in. What I can say is that we all need to stop apologizing for who we are. Don’t give up something you love because someone else finds it weird, don’t stop expressing yourself because others disagree with your opinions or methods, don’t feel ashamed of what makes you happy. Never let go of what makes you feel alive. One of my favorite mantras is “just be me.” You can never go wrong if you’re true to who you are. Here is a brief (by no means all inclusive) guide to loving yourself.

1. Do what makes you happy, don’t do what makes you uneasy.

2. Don’t apologize for something that made you happy.

3. Follow you conscience, listen to the voice inside that tells you when something is wrong, always go with your gut.

4. Take responsibility for who you are and how you act.

5. Do not let anybody else define you. Only you can decide who you are and who you will become.

6. Accept your mistakes and learn from them. Nobody is perfect, and if someone was I bet nobody would like them anyways.

7. Don’t worry about fitting in. We are all unique and born to stand out.

8. Live life on your own terms. Do what works for you.

9. Don’t forget to forgive yourself when you don’t follow all these rules.

Be gentle with yourself and eventually you’ll be strong enough to be completely authentic in your actions. Once you embrace who you are you will be better able to love yourself.

Eventually accepting and loving yourself will lead to a vast improvement in your quality of life. You will begin to take actions that are healthier, less stressful, more in line with your values, and that inspire more joy. What more could you ask for out of life?



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